Welcome to lowball’s documentation!

What is it? Lowball is designed to add simple endpoint level RBAC to your Flask based API services.

What does it do? Lowball is, at its core, a wrapper around Flask, designed to add authentication and permission management features to Flask’s already powerful and modular implementation. Lowball was developed to support three key needs:

  1. Easy to use route level RBAC controls.

  2. Abstracted authentication providers and databases for easier integration with your operating environment.

  3. Ecosystem of 1 - n microservices leveraging a common authentication authority.

Lowball implements this with three components

  1. Route RBAC Enforcement

  2. Authentication Providers

  3. Authentication Databases

Together, these components allow a developer to produce 1 - n microservices that are able to integrate with your existing authentication infrastructure and utilize database technologies of your choice.

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